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TThe Well for Life, LLC's clients experience a R.E.A.L. Journey through its programs and initiatives. These programs include, but are not limited to: 

  •  Parenting services  - educational resources that teach parents general parenting skills and assists them in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their children.  

  • Anger management programs – psychotherapeutic programs designed for anger prevention and control.

  •  Substance abuse services – a broad array of services and interventions with a primary focus on treating substance use disorders, providing both acute stabilization and ongoing treatment.

  •  Independent living services – provides services to adults that offer functional skills training necessary to secure self-sustaining, independent living situations in the community and/or may provide the support necessary to maintain those skills.

  •  Individual and group psychosocial counseling - a service provided by a skilled professional counselor to an individual, family, or group for the purpose of improving, well-being, alleviating distress, and enhancing coping skills.

  •  Victim support services – programs that offer emotional and practical resources for people who suffer because of a crime.

  • Peer mentoring – a form of mentoring provided by a person who has lived and successfully navigated a specific experience to a person who is new to the experience. 


Rise creates communities and conditions that support collective health and the ability of individuals to navigate the normal stressors of life. Rise, promotion strategies, also reinforce the entire wellness and behavioral health continuum.


Elevation prevents and reduces the risk of a decline in overall wellness or behavioral health. Elevation's prevention strategies, support the entire wellness and behavioral health continuum.


Acceleration responds to the urgent needs of individuals, families, or communities experiencing a crisis. Acceleration's crisis strategies aligns the entire wellness and behavioral health continuum.

Lift Family Matters Program

Lift treats individuals, families, and communities living with or impacted by a substance use, systemic or other behavioral health disorder. Lift treatment strategies also address the entire wellness and behavioral health continuum.


Journey celebrates recovery through the restoration of an individual’s ability to lead productive lives in the community. Journey's recovery and maintenance strategies also solidify the entire wellness and behavioral health continuum.

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